Patreon was so far the only option for me to be supported by the people. I got messages from guys telling me that they would love to support my page if I had other ways – besides patreon (like kofi , fanbox, subsribestar etc).

Patreon remains the major, general way for people to support me and get the updates before I should upload them here. The requests and lower pricing are only for the people who come and support me on patreon.
Using two or more platforms could be confusing for me and will make me uncapable to follow my works.

I’ve made kofi – – kofi doesn’t allow nudity to be post on their hosting and system, that’s why it will remain empty out of content in there, but the content will be seen here on the site. People can support me on kofi. One kofi = $5.

You could also donate a buck or more using the Paypal button on the left hand side menu.