COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED – I’m having COVID. My condition is sometimes good, sometimes bad. When I’m good I’m doing my own stuff – means no requests, no commissions/
The entire April will be closed for commissions until I recover myself.
Commissions will be re-opened in May – if things get better with me.

Sorry about the inconvenience – if that causes you any.

All the drawings are digital – that means there’s no physical sheet or painting you can touch.
You will get the drawing in: jpg /my default format is 2550x 3300 px, 300 dpi -.
All the prices are for a non-exclusive license, which means you don’t have the right to use them for commercial needs without my permission.
On the other side -as original creator/artist –  I have all the rights to use these anyway I find appropriate.

Prices :

1 character: $30, every next into the same artwork   +$20
Paypal only, no batch commissions. Every drawing is for itself.
NOTE : I offer lower prices for top tiers patrons of mine.

Your original character: $100 per character/or appearance.
The special pricing is not valid for original characters. Even if you become patron, the price of $100 remains.
Note: The highest price for OC belonging to other people is for my own sake.
Too few would recognize ones O.C. My workflow depends on the popular characters, therefore my interests are in making these

Check the special pricing for patrons here.

  1. E-mail me for inquiry at: mail
  2. If I agree – I do a sketch after you approve it – I will require the payment to come in full on my PayPal account. I have no reasons to take the money and not do the job – just check my portfolio here – SEE ??! It’s f**ng HUGE – It’s in my interest to have more stuff to show. That’s how I ENTERTAIN!
    Please contact me via mail for meeting me on discord or to make the commissions the old-fashioned way – via e-mail.
  3. Important: Do not send money before I confirm I’m willing to draw your thing.  Ask me if I’m willing to do it first! 🙂 I’m kindly asking you to follow the instructions I give in the e-mail. Usually, it’s like:  I do the sketch, and once you approve it – I’m expecting the payment to come to my side. That will trigger me to proceed with the colors.
  4.  Consider checking my List of Donts first  – that will save both of our times. How to work with me /after payment is here/: Provide me a short description of your thing with lots of links to pictures as reference.
  5. Once the concept is approved by you we don’t do any changes.
    Example: Spiderman kissing MJ Watson in this pose/link to photo, and link to the characters (I know who they are, but they have many versions)
    2. The reference photo you will send is your concept – after I lay the lines – based on the photo and description I will ask for your approval. Once the concept is approved – we don’t change it.
    I will send you the line art – and you can request for no more than 3 minor changes after /facial expression, a slight movement of hands, legs.
    Unannounced changes/adds like a new pose, or face with details  – I’m charging +$5 each for itself.

 I don’t accept commissions or requests for comic strips or animations. As those are time-consuming and too engaging.
I do my own comics – here you can see the ongoing comics – if you enjoy them , consider becoming my patrons in order for me to keep on going with those and showing them in here. Once becoming patron (by pledging $5 or above), you will be able to see other comics, I don’t show here.