Recently my PC survived a major crash – the HDD with all my artworks got broken – I made to rescue most of the stuff from the broken HDD and transferred those into my new one. So I decided to “celebrate” the survival – with a new comic strip and share it with you all. The comic strip “The Run” will have ongoing character – the first to see the page will be my patrons of every tier. As you can guess – I’ll be expecting the people to support me in order for me to keep on going with those in here. I will be putting goals -so guys, help me achieve them – and…

About “The Run” – the comic: I have no idea how many pages it will take me to make it. The purpose of this comic is to make you laugh, not to offend you .
So… Arm up your sense of humor on this one.

All the depicted characters have been drawn to look of age – old enough to practice sex and take part of any of the situations I decided to put them into.
Page 2 is already visible to the patrons of mine ! 🙂

Important Note:  This Dora comic was created based on this photo :



That was the main and only reason for me to create the comic. Not the show or anything. I am not familiar with the TV sow, I had no idea that they made a feature movie with actress called Isabela Moner /I have no idea who she is and I really don’t care/. The story is silly and dumb and involves characters with same names like in the TV show.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you liked it - consider becoming my patron