This one was a request that I used to do for my top tiers. I used to take request with up to 4 characters included, but I stopped that practice and I no longer do that ( I mean I still take requests, but I limit those to just one character and it has to be from the known niches: comics, games, movies, etc. The requests are also limited to 5 people randomly chosen each month. I had to do this because I started to burn out.
I chose not to work with the original character that belongs to other people, because in major these make only a few people happy – but mostly the one who’s commissioning me. The rest of the people do not recognize these characters and thus suffer my popularity and my workflow.
Having my own original characters, however, is another thing – I am projecting my own ideas and I build my own worlds – also… I’m taking my chances to come up with something that people might like or not.

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