This is Thamila , and she’s a character from the ongoing comic “Nicholas The Bard”. As you can see she has some extra attributes on it.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of “futa” things, but my patrons voted for Nicholas to have some relations with one. Thamila appears only once /so far/ and won’t be a main or important character in the story of Nicholas, so the guys who like “chicks with dicks” might  be disappointed…She’s not important , but she has enough time under the spotlights. The dialogue below is part of the newest page /page 10/ which currently can be seen inside my patreon. The page will come up here on the site as well, once I update the patrons with new pages of the comic.

The worst thing is that her original name was Thamina , with “N” but I made a typo and there she is.

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