” The road to Takodana Castle is not a short one. After Chewy was taken care of by Finn he returned to the cockpit to co-pilot with Han. Rey assured Han that she was grateful for him getting them help to find the Resistance, however Han assures Rey that he doesn’t do anything for anyone for free. Rey tells Han “I am just a scavenger, I don’t possess any units… but I think we could probably work something out between the two of us”. Rey runs her arms down Hans chest. Chewy suggest something to Han. Han smirks and replies “Me and the Wookie are always a package deal sweetie”…

Note :   My “tools of trade” include illustrations, comics, and from recent times some crispy animations – I’ve noticed that the illustrations don’t get much of your attention than the comics – so in further times I’m planning to upload mostly comics. Of course, I will not stop doing illustrations – and probably from time to time I will update the site with a thing or two – but the majority of the works would be comics.
The illustrations that should come from the year 2020 I will upload on gumroad – as another way for the people who like my stuff to support me and my site.

I will place the note above under every update on this site until the submissions from 2019 are uploaded in full . That’ll be all 🙂

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