I’m Dave “Mavis” Rooder,  aka Mavruda. /Not my real name/ . I’m a MERC of ART. Means I draw for the pay. 
I draw illustrations and comic strips for adults.
I am specializing in drawing: popular characters from comics, games, movies, anime or the popular culture. I also create my own original characters and stories.
The purpose of this page is to advertise my patreon account and all the stuff I do.

In the middle of May 2021, I got sick from COVID. During my sickness and recovery, I concentrated my attention on a comic I started a while ago “Nicholas The Bard”: a  phantasy-porn comic. Until that moment I had no idea how the people would accept or react to this comic, but so far the things look promising.
If you enjoy his story you might consider becoming my patron. I don’t expect that everyone would come and throw real money to watch “Nicholas”. After all, you can see the comic here for free.
Actually, I’m counting on those few nice guys to come and support my work on “Nicholas The Bard”, and thus the rest of you should be able to see it for free. MY sincere thanks to all the nice people who came and supported my work on Nicholas and the rest of the stuff. 

If I ever should start earning enough money to support myself and mine (without accepting commissions), I’ll start posting EVERYTHING I’ll create out on this page ( this will help me to change the hosting plan and more extras to it).  

The comics here are purely fictional and none of these represent my real attitude towards women, people, or any community. My original goal is NOT to make a ” fap material”, but to make people laugh. I’m for the comedy here. That’s about the comics I do.
None of those drawings depicts my real sexual fantasy – as most of those are commissioned works/paid jobs ordered by someone else.
With that said, I’m not bound to a specific fetish – so the guys who are into certain stuff and if you see it here and there depicted, don’t expect that I will do this thing constantly and only.

The comics have a cartoonish style. That means they are meant to be silly, stupid – or just absurd. None of those should be considered hateful, instigating, or proclaiming hate, misogyny, race supremacy, or anything that can be considered offensive. Any of the characters you’d see here or inside my patreon are drawn to be of legal age and all the stories drawn or made up by me,  are made up to be parodies – means, they that should entertain the public. Therefore – Do not sue me over parodies or drawings ordered by other people, not to offend them on purpose.
Note : You might recognize characters from known children shows here (for example: Dora the explorer, Mandy from Grim Adventures etc) – please have in mind that I drew these as fully grown and developed people /larger breasts, wide hips, taller stature – everything that speaks of adult person. As a PATREON artist I am obliged to their conditions of the content – the same goes to my patrons, public and clients. Please read the following text sent to me by Patreon Safety Team

Please re-read the statement on the above and If you still find any of that offensive – please leave the site immediately and concentrate on your own life.

My e-mail is – but please use it only for commission inquiries.mail
Before commissioning me or becoming  my patron  – make sure to check the list of stuff I don’t do:  LIST OF DONTS