Most of the comic strips I’ve made are for adults. I’m separating them from the monthly issues, because it takes more time for me to work on those and they are another thing I offer to my patrons. The comics have ongoing character – that means I’m drawing a page and then I’m uploading it for the patrons to see it – until the whole comic is finished. Once the comic is done, I’m leaving it for some time inside my patreon, before I pull it out and turn it into an archived comic strip, available to the top tiers only.
The patrons who pledge $5 are able to see all the content I create, including the comic strips from their start to the end.
The archived comics are available to the $10 tiers – on demand. They can ask 1comic strip, 1 issue or 1 request from me, BUT not all these at once.


What Do You Think ?

This one is pretty special.Has 14 pages in total, and was made with passion for knowledge and gratitude to the hot and sexy teachers with whom I talk every time when I have to pick my kids from school. The project will be removed from my Patreon – as soon as I finish my current and ongoing project on  my Patreon.
Right now the guys who choose the WATCHERS tier on my patreon can see the entire comic ! So hurry up and check it out before I put it into the archives ! 🙂


The Duel

Another silly project of mine. To the fans of feminine characters I made this one to spread into 17 pages. I’m a dude with sense of humor so this should be seen in almost every comic strip of mine. Patrons who choose OBSERVERS tier can ask for this issue and I will provide it to them on e-mail, as soon as the month of their patronage is over here on my Patreon.

My Girl (free to read)

A really silly project I created after seeing an image of a guy riding a bike with a barbie doll tied to the back seat – behind him.
It’s free to watch it – on my HENTAI FOUNDRY page profile – grab your sense of humor and get in there to read it ! HENTAI FOUNDRY>>

The Thicc

This comic strip started my current campaign of comic creations on patreon. It’s a parody of the known character The Tick, but in female form. I can assure you that this hasn’t much common with The Tick or any of the other characters. It’s just a silly cartoon with this heroine having her way with a bunch of criminals – while at the end – she,  being on the side of the Good – wins. This turned out to be archived issue and can be delivered on demand to the patrons who will pledge to be “OBSERVERS” on my patreon

Deep Space (Free To Read) ISSUE #1

This comic has my other original character Anna featured in the role of gallactic negotiator. I used a specific style to create this comic and showed it out for free – sadly this style takes a lot of time to produce and I quickly had to turn to lineart based comic strips that will alow me to work faster and produce more stories.
Depending on the interest and amount of patrons I’d gain – I will probably make the sequence of the story.
You can read the comic on my hentai foundry profile in here : HENTAI FOUNDRY >>

Golds Of Altir : The Dead Prince (Issue#1)

This is not my first comic strip I ever created. If you check out around the net you’d see some other strips I made but not showing those here – due to the quality of the “work” or simply because I cannot find them on my HDD. The story follows the adventures of Kyana Antur, a rogue thief, hired by a heir of the throne to steal a pendant from a king. Kyana is pretending to be a mercenary from the army of the prince, bringing the sad news to his father, while in fact the things that happened to her were absolutely different. Cannot say I like the first issue and if i should change the story of Kyana I’d do it, but for different reasons I don’t want to work on this comic. My enthusiasm to work on “Golds of Altir” continued in issue #2, which I made entirely in FLASH, and the people can see it here :

I had Kattlarv to help me with the scenario for the sequence, but time required to make it into flash and the lack of views and interest made me loose my desire to work on that – at least for now. Who knows I might start work on that after time. Patrons who pledge to be OBSERVERS Tier on my patreon are able to ask for the first issue and I will provide it to them on demand  – a day after their monthly patronage is passed.