You can support me by becoming a patron of mine at,
That patreon is intended to gather people with interests like mine: popular characters from the games, movies, and comics. That simple.
But also fans of my works and ideas.

What is the cool stuff about my patreon: /changes with these are imminent/. Read my list

1. The people can pledge only $1 and to see all the naked illustrations I made!
2. The guys who pledge $5 can see all the original comic strips I create:
3. The patrons who pledge $10 will see all of these – but every month 5 of them are able to request an illustration of some of their favorite popular character.  Depending on the interest of the people towards my comics the $10 reward may disappear completely in future – in order for me to have all the time to work on the comics.
Supporting me does not mean only that I’m expecting you to give me money in order for me to proceed with doing the thing I love.  I’m trying to engage the public and patrons with my works.

Becoming a patron gives you the option to commission me on cheaper pricing 

But basically it’s like:

Once you become a patron you are getting access to the better pricing. In order to get to me you will need in all the cases to get in touch with me on e-mail or
PM me on patreon to let me know that you want to commission me.

1 character will cost: $10
2 characters in the same drawing: $20
3 characters in the same drawing: $30
4 characters in the same drawing : $40
Etc. No more than 4 characters in a drawing.

NO BULK commissions. Paypal only. Payment comes as “send to a family/friend option”.

Pledging any money on my patreon is support.
Commissions are services.