You can support me by becoming a patron of mine at,
My Patreon account was created to gather people with interests like mine: popular characters from the games, movies, and comics. That simple.
But also fans of my works and ideas.

What is the cool stuff about my patreon: /changes with these are imminent/. Read my list

1. The people can pledge only $1 and to see all the naked illustrations I made!
2. The guys who pledge $5 can see all the original comic strips I create, but when I launch polls they can vote.
3. The patrons who pledge $10 will see all of these, they can vote on polls, but they also can commission me with $15 for the first character + $10 on every next into the same drawing.
4. The patrons who pledge $25 /limited to 4 people/: see all the above, plus they can get a guaranteed request from me every month ( important: they must respond to my monthly call /a direct message from me to them. In case they miss the call, they will have to wait for the next month ), they can vote on polls, but also they can commission me with $10 per character.
5. Patrons who pledge $60 – are the collectors of my comic strips. You like what I did and you want all of them at once. This is a one-time pledge, so it makes no sense of staying longer than the month of your patronage, yet if there are people who wish to stay for over a month, they will be considered as supporters. They can commission me with $10 per character.
6. Patrons who pledge $100. it’s limited to 1 person. This is an experimental tier and gives one person the option to be the creator of a story, which I will illustrate.
Featuring up to 4 popular characters from comics, games or animations – in 2 pages with 5 panels on each. I will use lineart/comic style/ for this one.
However, there’s a catch in this one /a few ones actually/.
– I just like the story first – that’s why one should contact me one e-mail before they pledge.
Note: please understand that I have a lot to do – I do commissions, requests and I create my own stories, comics and even animations. With that said the comic I’m willing to do , based on your idea must be finished fast, within the month of your patronage. That’s why there are a lot of factors that I need to neutralize in order to get things going.
You must be very well prepared: all the dialogues, ideas, expressions, pose reference must come from you – gather all the references, clear up your concept idea, and story before you pledge. You must speak English very well /and better than me( I’m not an English speaker)/.
You must have discord in order to speak to me directly. There I get your files and reference and we will discuss details about panels, expression, poses.
I will make a rough sketch – based on your instructions. Then I will need time to do the lines- afterward, there will be a review – where you can require minor changes /slight moving of limbs, expressions/. Then lay colors. Through that time you must be ready with the dialogues and tell me what and where. You must know that smaller panels are not a good fit for a lot of text.