Hello – here’s the deal :
I’m drawing :

Niche: Comic heroes, Game and Movie characters, characters from the popular culture
Avoiding fetishes: Gore, vore, pedo, gay, bi, pegging , scat, farts and blood, real people, futa on man
Acceptable fetishes: Preggo, man on Futa, Watersports, squirting , fisting , Lactating, beast/monster on girl,

The offer is valid until the end of August , 2018. 

1 character : $25, every next + $15
Paypal only.

/ preferable amount of characters – 4, for more let’s discuss it on e-mail.

Two ways to work with me : 

1 /preferred method/ 
Doing it in front of the client on picarto: https://picarto.tv/mydirtydrawings
We discuss the pose, sizes, and characters until it’s finished. Once it’s done I demand the payment to come and you’re getting your drawing.
Virtual handshake.

2. Paypal. payment full upfront – on PayPal. If the sum exceeds above $50, you send half before, and the other half after the job’s done.

For examples – check my gallery here :