Every artist has his own dislikes – I have mine.  Below is the list of things I prefer not to draw, so read this before you decide to commission me.

These “dont’s” are valid for adult-related commissions mostly.

  1. No LOLi, Shota (little boys)or traps./non negotiable/
  2. No vore/someone to be swallowed and staying in another’s stomach/! That includes giants swallowing or smashing small people.
  3. No gore, mutilation – / battle scenes are fine – as a mainstream commission though, but not torturing.
  4. Furries, and My Little Pony , Vomit, scat, farts, diapers etc – and other smelly fetishes
  5. No Fat, ugly and unsexy female characters (that includes bloating, huge bellies dragging to the ground etc deformations) – I’m following the mainstream tendencies – what most of the people accept as beautiful IS BEAUTIFUL.
  6. No Inflation, huge bellies, dragging to the ground – /I still draw some of these for couple of my years-long supporters as a form of loyalty. Please don’t pledge or ask me to draw these for you.
  7. No BESTIALITY ! /Patreon policy/
  8. No Incest ! /Patreon policy/
  9. No REAL PEOPLE! No celebs, public personalities, or people with normal life.
  10. No Femdom, Male Dom , Race Domination or other kind of humiliation, Torturing, tears – and noone is there to help.
  11. I don’t draw requests for random people (B-day gifts,  Don’t message me about that.
  12. I don’t draw things for awareness /diseases, abuse or any similar/ – have you seen the content on my site ?

Note: I keep my right to decline to draw ideas or characters that I dislike for different reasons without explaining myself about it.

If you don’t see anything here in that list, yet you have some doubts – feel free to contact me on e-mail and ask me about it.

NOTE ABOUT ORIGINAL CHARACTERS :   I can draw your O.C. – and the charge will be the regular one – even if you become a patron (1 character – $25 etc) – but I will not upload it here, or anywhere – and definitely will not make promotion of your character  here or anywhere else I present.
Note: I keep my right to decline to draw ideas or characters that I dislike for different reasons without explaining myself about it.

Guys keep in mind with the following stuff :

1. Due to the big amount of artwork I produce for a month – the result for a year is like 200-300 works. That means I won’t be able to find your drawing that I did 5 years ago. It will take me hours to find – a time I could use to make more art ! 🙂
2. Since I work with a lot of people – and I’m getting my mind on the art – while trying to generate a brand new funny idea for a comic – I’m having hard times to remember most of the people who have commissioned me – especially those did that month ago. Imagine someone that should come after 5 years !
3. I’m kindly asking my future clients or patrons not to insist for me to draw a thing that I dislike – by digging an old drawing  and shoving it in my face. Please understand that I will probably not draw this anymore.
4. I’m kindly asking every commissioned work to stand for its own. Therefore there won’t be bulk commissions. If a work is not paid in full, I will simply not continue working until it’s paid.