Every artist has his own dislikes – I have mine.  Below is the list of things I prefer not to draw, so read this before you decide to commission me.
These “dont’s” are valid for adult-related commissions mostly.

  1. No LOLi or traps./non negotiable/
  2. No vore/someone to be swallowed and staying in another’s stomach/! That includes giants swallowing or smashing small people.
  3. No gore, mutilation – / battle scenes are fine – as a mainstream commission though, but not torturing.
  4. No Vomit, scat, farts, diapers etc – and other smelly fetishes – / squirting and watersports are okay to be drawn /.
  5. No Fat, ugly and unsexy female characters – I’m following the mainstream tendencies – what most of the people accept as beautiful IS BEAUTIFUL.
  6. No Random Muscled characters – no / SheHulk or other Marvel heroines with larger build are okay/.
  7. No REAL PEOPLE! No celebs, public personalities, or people with normal life – having sex.
  8. No Chibis, Furries, and My Little Pony
  9. No your original character – as a request. As a commission – it’s okay

Note:  As an artist, I sometimes choose on my own to step out of my comfort zone – this gives me an idea of what’s beyond my own horizon.  With that said you might see me drawing a celebrity or someone’s original character – that however does not mean I will accept your job doing the same.
I have my own preference of figures to draw – I like curvy female structures (wide hips, thin waist, feminine forms) – but please don’t mistake curvy with “fat or plump” – those are not the same to me. With that said I dislike characters who have “boy-ish, or child-ish” body structure – and all that screams “loli”.

Along with my list of don’ts I include the following:

  1. Don’t ask me to start looking for the drawing I made for you 5 years ago, and you lost it. I’m not an archive. I will not start looking for this specific drawing for you. Here are some simple maths: The year has 365 days. Sometimes I draw and produce more than 3 drawings per day, sometimes I don’t. But at the end of the year, I have a minimum of 500 artworks and illustrations. I will not start digging that thing for you – instead,  I prefer to: work on other stuff, watch a movie, play games.
  2. Don’t expect me to remember you – I’m not a jerk- I work with a lot of people and you’re just one of the many. Also don’t be surprised if I don’t remember my own drawing by your text description. Example: “Hey, it’s me, Jimmy – you drew 5 years ago Spiderman in his purple costume, remember ?”
    The answer is:  I work with a lot of people. That means two things: 1. I don’t remember you in person  2. I did a lot of works. I hardly remember what I drew 3 days ago. For some reasons, I do not remember the NSFW drawings.
  3. Don’t insist for me to draw fetish that you see in my don’ts list. Don’t  “shove” my old drawings in my face – to prove a point that I drew something that I state I don’t want to do now. Just because I drew something back in the time, that doesn’t mean I will do the same again and again. I have reasons to put that thing in a list of donts.
  4. Don’t ask for bulk commissions / every commission comes by itself one by one/ – I do it for the variety of the content.  Bulk commissions are making me feel stuck on one and same thing.
  5. Don’t ask me to “teach you how to draw” – I’m not a teacher. The Internet is full of tutorials: watch videos, download e-books, buy regular books of anatomy. Don’t ask me to criticize your works either.

If you don’t see anything here in that list, yet you have some doubts – feel free to contact me on e-mail and ask me about it.