So yeah. This page is meant to have a short life – the hosting has to expire on March next year. A time ago I stopped supporting it. But recently I made a post on imgur that went viral and I was featuring some of my comics. That gave me some hopes that I might be having chance to use the site for my own good. In my case that means viewers. Among them there are people who will appreciate my efforts and works and will become my patrons.
Yes, I’m aware that there are people who hate what I do – but there are also many, many others who don’t know of my existence. I’m not doing it for those who dislike or hate. I do it for myself and for the guys who love it.
Allow me to be the fresh light in your eye sight. Or the burning fire beam into your retina.
Unless I pay for that host. Unless you have interest to watch the stuff I post here. You decide.

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