Below are my ongoing comic strips : “Nicholas The Bard” and “The Run”. They are completely free to watch. If you don’t see a progress on one – that means I’m working on the other, or simply I lost interest in doing it. After all I’m one person only !

Below are THE ARCHIVED COMICS done for my patrons through the time. Clicking on them will show you few sample pages, but not the entire comic. In order to have any of the comics below you will need to pledge $10 on my patreon and send me DM – in order for me to provide you the comic strip. 1 per month only. Only $10 can request for a single comic strip issue. People who pledge $60 can get all the comic strips I did in one bunch. Note: Pledging $60 is one-time option. Staying for another month at $60 tier will not get you anything more, since you already got it all. However if you choose to stay – you’ll be considered as a generous supporter and you will have nothing more besides my gratitude and respect.

IMPORTANT NOTE : People who pledge $5 will not be able to see any of the archived issues. They are able to see development of the new comic strips and short comic stories. Once the comic is finished, it’ll stay for 2 months inside my patreon – a time enough for creating another story. Then it will be pulled and placed into archive – available on demand by $10 and $60 tiers.

Check some of my older comic strips I’ve made while ago. Below you can see “Deep Space” featuring my original character Anna, and few weird , hopefully funny stories.
Keep in mind that some of these were made years ago – and my art style and work improved since then !

Below are all the illustrations I’ve made ( Mostly commissioned works or requests for top patrons). They are sorted in categories as you can see. These should work as examples of my work on illustrations. Again the same rule applies to these – with time my work improved. The older works can be recognized by checking my signature : Mavis’2020 ( the number after my nickname is the year those were created.