Some of the listed comics here are already finished, archived and you can get them only if you pledge to be top tier at The finished comics are NOT kept inside my patreon. I have them on my HDD.
I give them on-demand to patrons who pledge $10. You will need to send me DM on patreon and name the specific comic. I don’t have a lot of comics so I can give only 1 comic per month. You could help me reach my goals on patreon and there will be no “hidden” comics.

Below are THE ARCHIVED COMICS done for my patrons. Clicking on them will show you few sample pages, but not the entire comic. In order for one to have any of the comics below you will need to pledge top tier on my patreon and send me DM – in order for me to provide you the comic strip. 1 per month only. My main goal is to show them out here along with the others I’m about to create. This however can happen as soon as I reach my main goal on patreon.