I cannot respond back to the guy who can “evaluate” the quality of my artworks without getting myself burned by the rest of the community – back there on imgur. I can do it here. The things work that way in there. There you should be careful with your own thoughts and ideas about the world. You cannot joke about gay people , you cannot make jokes about people who think that there’s  more than 2 genders. You cannot ridicule the radical feminists, you cannot tell that the people who think the earth is flat – are dumb as sack of tools.
You cannot make fun of fat people – and I mean those who couldn’t stop eat like elephants – those guys who were not born like that.
You can’t say the “N” word, you can’t draw superheroine with big boobs, because there are people who might feel offended…
I cannot draw something explicit here – for my own reasons I decided not to put any porn and explicit artworks here. For NOW.  EVIL laughter.
The reason is that I want to flash the name of my site – with no problems from the mods of the mainstream pages. Let’s see what’s going to be.