Took me some time – The past couple of months were somehow odd. Health and family problems, crappy and odd weather – and lack of time to sit on my ass and do some art. Also, I made some changes and included another fetish to go into the trash bin.
I decided to involve people to become part of my Patreon cause – basically, I wanted to make this site to be the only place to show off my art – for free, with no paywalls, and the exclusive content to be seen by everyone, but on the price of people’s goodwill, who sees and understands the idea that the free art has to be supported as well.
Sadly this caused some of my patrons to leave – after seeing no point to support someone who’s showing off their art for free anyway. It appears that this strategy doesn’t work for me – my site was showing off my stuff for a year and a half and this didn’t bring me any good. Instead – more people leaving and my completely achievable goal of $300 on Patreon became an impossible dream again. I wanted to pay my hosting with this money – which also includes some other features /as well and some pizza/. So I set an end date for us to achieve this goal. A site supported by its visitors, on Patreon, who also posts a comment down the submissions. That’s what I wanted.

There’s less than a month for the goal to be reached, but I doubt that it’ll happen.
The commissioned jobs are not included in the Patreon goal – as I wrote somewhere else, the commissions are jobs and not help for the site. I don’t need donations – I already declined some offers of random people who wanted to give me $300 – and in return some of them wanted me to put their adds on my page. Others also wanted to buy my site and all the stuff here – including my work… – anyways, in the end I will probably pay the host myself. Sadly this will change my original idea of showing off my art for free here and having people supporting me.

The time will show.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you liked it - consider becoming my patron