I used to accept requests from patrons based on anything that should come to their minds.
Since the requests on my patreon happen once a month,  most of the guys back in the days were trying to include everything they were fond of in one nutshell.
You can see the results – one likes Star Wars, but also have a favorite singer, or likes a youtube personality.
I was having my doubts if I should upload these here, or not. As an artist, I’ve drawn most of the things known – for one simple thing – the money.  I was drawing these until I reach a point, where my brain just refuses to keep on doing it. They call that thing: burning out. When I reach that point – I can’t really proceed even if I want and I inform the people of that.

The clients /patrons were pretty happy – the results are huge amounts of drawings containing: watersport, squirt, fisting and other fetishes – that were threatening to turn me into a specific type of artist, something that I don’t really want to be turned into.
In the fall of 2017 I announced that I no longer will be drawing: real people – including celebrities, and included more fetishes into my list of declines. Since I spent time to work on these – and those actually made someone happy I cannot pretend that I didn’t do them. I can’t tell something good about the ideas you are seeing, but definitely I  want to say ” Thank you ”  to the guys who ordered these from me – as clients and patrons through all that time.
Thanks for your support and patronage, people ! Respect for your patience and time spent with me, on my patreon ! Thank you.

P.S. I was thinking that I’ll be able to include all the stuff into one post, but it appears that I was far away from that.  To the guys who read text:
I DON’T WANT TO DRAW REAL PEOPLE, CELEBRITIES, YOUR MOM or characters who fist themselves or their partners and squirt or piss all over !
I’ve had ENOUGH 🙂

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