A commission did earlier this year. Character is Tanya the evil from the manga “Saga of Tanya The Evil”.
Guys – the past 2-3 weeks were unpleasant over here. I’ve had problems with my PC – coming mostly with blue screen errors, restarts, missing files.
At first, I was trying to fix these by my own – making necessary updates, watched youtube videos on how to tweak the system settings.
The last line of hope was to speak with Microsoft support – and the delay came because during the weekends there’s no one to work in there.
We went through different possibilities: I got the errors because I’ve got my computer infected, I’m having trouble with the RAM, I’m having trouble with my motherboard. For three days – different tests, different updates – I must admit that the support people there are devoted, helpful and pretty cool.

I did a few clean re-installs of Windows 10 – just to see the blue screen and then restarts again – and the whole story with the infections was not the thing.
And all of a sudden I downloaded software to check the health of HDD – and the real problem was exactly the HDD. The problems were just starting – sadly.
The broken HDD was brand new, bought it like 5 months ago from a store with a guarantee and all. The only downside of the whole thing was that I didn’t use their service to mount the drive – I did it myself – like I used to do through all these years. The scan explains the errors are because of physical damage to the drive. So I was afraid that the merchant won’t accept their part back and will accuse me that I am the one who damaged the part during my own transportations.
I work with those local merchants for years. They didn’t cause any problems with returning the part, and they gave me another in return. Since the new HDD they gave me was better I had to pay $25 additional bucks – which I did. However this time they refused to give me a recipe and guarantee document. I had no nerves to argue with them, just took the part and went out. I guess I will not be getting back to them in the future.
The troubles didn’t stop here. I came back sweaty, tired and mounted the new working drive. I started the installation of Win10 again. It showed me 3 drives, and since I was tired – I just formated whatever I saw without thinking that I was formatting the hard drives with all of my projects, works and PSD files, comics I’ve started and basically EVERYTHING I do. The desperation was really on the highest level possible. The Microsoft Support employee was on the phone when all that happened. She told me that there are companies that offer services to restore the lost or formatted data.
Next step was to find a company or software. I found a software company with support who offered me to send them my HDD in order to fix it in their offices – in India. After more searching on the internet I found a software.  I paid them $100 BUT I didn’t get the confirmation e-mail immediately.
After waiting for few hours I send them e-mail asking for my code – and I got it right away. That’s probably the reason I’m not mentioning the name of the software that saved my data. These were some of the most fucked up days Ive had. The next day was the bathroom.
The lights in the bathroom stopped working – just to find out that a transformer device died. I was not able to find anywhere that device but in online store 300 miles away from my place.
During that time I lost time, nerves and patrons.

And that’s it.

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