That’s the last request I did for a certain patron who was supporting me until 2017. I’d say he was the reason for me to start drawing Super Heroes. The series featuring Beast /Hank MCcoy/ has been requested by him. It’s pretty odd to finish the series with that kind of drawing, but nevertheless I did it.
Never been a fan to Spice Girls /I’m more into old school rock-n-roll and heavy metal stuff/.
Since 2017 a lot of stuff changed including my style, and the things I draw.
So… there will be no more celebs, or similar stuff guys. Other people came and to proceed their support and kept me on track helping me to create more variable content – introducing me into more heroic stuff. I even ” stepped” into anime – /even though my style is far away from the Japanese manga/.
We are all evolving and developing new skills.
I hope you’re enjoying the trip through the time here.

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