I keep on “diggin” on imgur, trying to get the attention of more people from there. The upvotes there are crucial – the more upvotes, the more people to see what I do. Sadly the first minutes and votes are playing a major role to the negative results – between 5 and 15 people are there to downvote every post I make and thus I can’t pass the limit of 2 points per post…. however the stats are showing that there are still people check out what I did and they are probably coming over.
The image above is exactly what it is : Attention whoring.  For points- Points means attention, real people coming and checking my shit and what I do.
Because of the sketch below / has to be SpiderGwen/ – the mods quickly got my post marked as mature.


I came also with those below. So there are guys who would gladly upvote a piece of actual porn movie (the part where the performers don’t fuck) featuring the logo of “Brazzers”, but  they get angry when I put the name of my free to see web page…

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