Finally, the first page is here. From now I can tell that this will take a long time to get finished. Simply because I choose this kind of style that makes every single panel a separate illustration/artwork.
However, that’s not important. What is important is the story.
I came with a rough idea and got Smiley to help me with the dialogues and polishing the whole thing.
There will be explicit moments available to the $5 guys only, but until I get to these pages … we all could grow beards of old age, including the ladies.  Just kidding of course.

I hope you all guys will enjoy the story.

Once again – many, many thanks to Smiley for willing to help me fix the scenario, putting the panels in the right order and creating brand new dialogues that make sense and bears the characteristics of the original characters from DC.

Note aside: This story is created by fans – that would be me and Smiley.
I claim no ownership to any of the characters – none of them are mine, despite the gender bend thing. I have no allegiance with DC – I could only dream of that – I just made a story as a fan that I’m about to present to other fans as well. The non-explicit pages will be shown outside on my site: – for the fans of DC to enjoy.

A small hint from now: I’m currently writing a scenario for the second issue of this one – it’s named “A kiss for Goodbye”, but one at a time.
Let’s see how this would be accepted by the people.

To the guys who like the idea and don’t mind the nudes and sex in comics – along with good ideas, but still have some spare cash to spend on art – feel free to do that by pledging and become my patrons at :