So… I’ve started a new project – based on the votes of my patrons who pledge: $5 or above. Their vote decided that I should start work on the next project.
My asking is to the guys who pick these and upload on other pages or sites – please wait until I post at least 5 pages of it – and don’t forget to give credits to this page and my patreon! 🙂 Without supporters, there will be no comics like this one after all ! 🙂
Right now I gave the patreons the time to vote once again. This vote will form the nature of Nicholas and will make him be more weirder, funnier and unique.
The comic currently has 3 pages of it – and can be seen inside my patreon for the patrons who pledge $5 or more.
I’ll keep on uploading pages of it as long as I have patrons who pledge at least $5 on my patreon  and vote for this comic once I make a poll.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you liked it - consider becoming my patron