Tanya Degurechaff  from the manga ” The Saga of Tanya The Evil” – the one who’s tasting the cake.
And  Riko Matsumoto /aka/ Erwin from the manga “Girls Und Panzer”. All done back in 2019 ! 🙂

Note :   My “tools of trade” include illustrations, comics, and from recent times some crispy animations – I’ve noticed that the illustrations don’t get much of your attention than the comics – so in further times I’m planning to upload mostly comics. Of course, I will not stop doing illustrations – and probably from time to time I will update the site with a thing or two – but the majority of the works would be comics.
The illustrations that should come from the year 2020 I will upload on gumroad – as another way for the people who like my stuff to support me and my site.

I will place the note above under every update on this site until the submissions from 2019 are uploaded in full . That’ll be all 🙂

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