The past year I worked hard – despite my new life schedule. It was nearly impossible for me to keep on going like that but still, I’ve managed ” to push” through this year. The constant stress of getting late for picking my kids, getting late for paying bills, losing patrons, losing clients, losing this site – is taking its toll and the stress went to levels that’s not good. I slipped and broke my arm – the same I draw with – but this time no plaster. They told me it’ll recover by itself if I don’t use it too often and push myself to the limits. As you can guess that really stressed me out.
I had to make some changes with the number of requests and the characters. I have included another fetish to my denial list – and thus making a long years patron to abandon their support /I don’t blame them, but that change had to be done/, so guys – please check my list of donts : 

I’m getting back to making comics and still keep my way on the road of commissions – being a freelancer, a merc who draws lewds for the pay.
As for the site – my major goal is to keep it and show it as an alternative to another popular site. People doesn’t have to stick with one thing only.
There must be many, many more sites like mine. Every artist has to have their own scene, a tribune to share their art. This is mine.
Totally free of banners and ads.  I’m holding myself from putting banners that jumps in your face, or other ads that leads to porn or cam sites – I’m still counting on some of you to come and become patrons and thus to ” open the door” for me to draw my stuff and create more – showing it out here on this same site you’re currently watching. See the orange button there ? Press it and check my patreon – make up your mind which plan would work better for you and support me and this site.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you liked it - consider becoming my patron