The New Year started with some “hickups” on the road from my side. I broke my arm – and currently trying to recover – like I mentioned somewhere else before – plaster was not necessary. I decided to include a certain fetish into my decline list – and probably the next post will include some examples with those I’ve made, which /sadly for me/ caused the leaving of some long time and loyal supporters. I now am facing the results of my decision.
This however is not exactly bad – I am working mostly on things that are not “specialized” and that won’t threaten to turn me into certain fetish artist.

I’ll probably upload some examples of the fetish that went into my “dont”  list – so I should honor the good guys who were supporting me through all that time.

As for Lara Croft – it’s a commission done featuring Lara Croft somewhere in South America – looking for yet another artifact or a treasure.

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