This is more like an experimental comic. I do NOT require or ask for support on my patreon for this comic. On my patreon, you won’t see me doing this.
I’m doing it here, on my own – until I have interest, desire and eventually until there’s interest from people to watch it.
Yet if you decide to support me – you’re more than welcome. I don’t have any plans for this comic. I’m leaving it to the chance. It will depend on the people.
Like I said this is experimental comic. The story was made by me. The character is also made by me. Today I went on a Role-Playing Star wars server. I had to pass a test in order for them to “accept” me and get an invitation. The test went somehow good – since I’m ” in”, but what I got, in addition, was an inspiration.

Please comment if you like the comic. You don’t have to register.
My style here is loose, almost sketchy.  In case of interest from the people, I could put more efforts into it. Until then – I will do as I feel it’s right.

Kael Dohn is the name I choose for this O.C. I’m not biased about that one. I have no idea what to do with him at any moment.

Also – I don’t need the help of writers, colorists or people with ideas. Sorry. It’s all me in here.