A commission . Characters should be : Adam Jensen and Faridah Malik from the game “Deus EX”.
I got this story sent to me by John :
Faridah Malik is the top pilot for Sarif Industries and well respected among her colleagues.
However, the company has instituted a bimbofication policy in order to keep up with competitors.
There has been conclusive proof of a drastic increase in staff morale and productivity thanks to this initiative.
Faridah protested that this would greatly inhibit her ability to fly, but she was overruled.
Faridah underwent extensive augmentation to her bust and butt, which ballooned to ludicrous size.
Afterwards, there have been numerous close calls and emergency landings due to wardrobe malfunctions.
Despite receiving plenty of offers wishing to poach her and her newfound talents, Faridah soldiered on and remained loyal.
Sarif Industries then decided to go one step further and introduced a free-use policy.
Faridah became subject to many an office gangbang, including one infamous event at the Christmas party.
The only one who hasn’t partaken in bonking Faridah is security chief, Adam Jensen, though his will is slipping.
It has been a while for poor Adam and the sexually frustration has been building with his co-worker looking so stacked.
Cue a routine reconnaissance mission with only each other for company and you have a recipe for disaster…

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