I got this one commissioned by one of my patrons – and it came along with a funny description:

Batman comes across Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy doing evil things in a liquor store. Or maybe they are just buying milk for Catwoman. Probably just the buying milk thing. As for why they are selling milk in a liquor store at all, you wouldn’t want to be the employee to tell Catwoman and her friends that you’re not selling her any milk. But But better be save than sorry. Batman, man of action, quickly uses the skills he learned long ago during his travels in far away countriesto dispatch the heinous villains, leaving us with the current picture.
Both villains exhausted, their costumes torn apart. Harley draped over a couple of beer cases, Ivy recovering on the floor. Both women covered in semen, fucked into a deep slumber.
While Batman was taking care of these two, the store clerk couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Actually a law student aiming to become a lawyer, she only took this job to pay for college. At first she wanted to earn the needed money as a stripper, but store clerk seemed a lot saver. And now here she was, in the middle of a super hero / super villain … “fight”? All because of some milk? Crazy! She was unable to avert her eyes from Batman dispensing justice, thrust after hard thrust, and before she knew it, she used the baseball bat given to her by the store owner to defend herself and smashed some bottles in one of the shelves. She doesn’t really understand why she did it. Just that she had to do it. Aweird smile on her face. She knows she shouldn’t provoke the Batman, but she couldn’t help herself and readies herself to be brought to justice.
Batman calmly observes the store clerk. At this point in his crime fighting career he is used to random civilian women committing random acts of vandalism in his presence. He doesn’t know why. Maybe the Joker put something in the water again. He should check up on that. He probably wont. He merely readjusts his cape and pops out another condom from his bat-condom(winged, for her pleasure [sorry, bat-pun, couldn’t help myself]) dispenser on he bat-utility belt. After all he doesn’t want to get anyone pregnant. That would be silly, Batman and some super villainess having a kid together, maybe that kid becoming the next Robin, he almost cracks a smile at that crazy thought).
His cock out of his costume, ready to fight crime as always. He only really puts it back into his suit because it gets in the way when driving the Batmobile. Maybe he should switch to a bike like Robin and Batgirl. He probably wont.
As to why Harley and Ivy are covered in semen even though Batman is using condoms? So once the police arrives they know, this is not some case of public indecency by some perverted super villains, but a case of Batman saving the day again (How they know it’s Batman’s spunk I don’t know (and don’t want to know)). Therefore they leave the women alone and free to go home. Free to do whatever. Even crime (or buy milk), because the Batman will be ready to fuck th… I mean fight them again. Anytime. Anywhere. For justice.

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