“Funhouse” is a series of commissioned illustrations AND a short comic strip that came recently (as a sequel to these illustrations) – it was commissioned by one and the same of my patrons. I believe there will be plenty of guys to find some of their favorite fetish depicted in many of those ideas as well as into the comic that I’m about to show soon. The idea of degrading females is not really my favorite subject to draw and the story was about to get more and more extreme.
I shared some of these same illustrations out on some of the forums and that was considered as a beam to my patreon account, inviting people to come and ask me to draw specific stuff – that is clearly into my don’t list.  To avoid misunderstanding, before you should pledge to my patreon, Please, read the list of stuff I’m trying to avoid.

I’m sharing with you all the story told by that Anonymous client. First I’m sharing the illustrations only. Since these illustrations are part of one story, I’m sharing these here in one post. I will upload the comic strip after some time – I need you to check these for now.

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