Yeah, guys. That’s me. Or at least my cartoonish version of me. In fact, I don’t look that good.

I draw and sometimes I animate.

One thing is for sure – I’m a man who’s trying to find the funny things in life. Life is too short not to pay attention to the beautiful and funny side of it.
BTW the drawing below has an old info. There are over 7,400+ followers of me on Tumblr (simply because of the lewd drawings I was showing in there )
Well, the drawings are inside my patreon – or on Hentai Foundry account of mine, so you can still check these out. Here I will try to stick with cartoons
and pinups. Yes, there will be tons of adult jokes – I might be 41 yo adult, but that doesn’t mean I should be acting as one. At least in the art.