While ago, it was almost a year since then actually, I tried to make a small series based on the choice of the crowd here on my site. Sadly too few were commenting or none, yet someone left a comment /probably on my twitter/ to draw Dexter’s mom (from “Dexter’s Lab” cartoon network’s series).
I did actually and I’ve made 2 or 3 versions of her – meaning 2-3 lewd poses, using the style with lines. Sadly once those were prepared, and ready for coloring, I started to receive warnings that my HDD is damaged and requires immediate change. I quickly purchased a new one and started copying the files from the damaged HDD to the new one. Everything was successful until I found out that the “new” one was damaged as well – still messages and prompts for a change of two HDDs. Another run to the store, change, and coming back. This time everything was just right. But I was already frustrated and angry at the level beyond acceptable, and started to make a lot of mistakes: accidentally I pressed the format all option to the new HDD, instead of compacting the files. I know it sounds stupid, but that happened to me. And I just cleared out all my files, all the unfinished commissions, and patreon requests. I cleared everything.
I panicked. I found on the internet a program that recovers files after such kind of stupid maneuvers – it costs like $100 but it did the job.
The entire thing has cost me $350 and tons of nerves (that included buying and prepurchasing HDDs, gas to travel 30 km to the near PC shop, because I live nearby the fucking mountain)
Anyways. I managed to recover all the commissions and requests, but some files including the versions of Dexter’s mom was lost beyond recovery.
That’s the story. Even the date here states that I’ve made it this year – 2020, I’m tagging it to be made back in 2019. I finished the background a week ago and presented the same drawing to my patrons.

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