Credits for the story goes to Toasty : DAY 7

Day 7: It’s been a week and the 10 Civilian Contractors are completely clueless and are pretty much a waste of precious air in my opinion. They can’t file reports on time, They work slow, they can’t use or service the Equipment, let alone have any science or medical skills to speak of and Lets not forget they can’t remember simple codes around the station. Why Headquarters sent 10 disgusting bozo’s my way I have no idea. I’ve already filed a complaint with Captain Vivian Linton and she promised she’d take care of it.

Communications have been Down or Weak since they arrived, maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not and I’ve also noted the fact these men look at us like meat, always gazing at our rears and breasts when we’re not looking. I also noted this for my Report to Headquarters

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