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Day 1: The New Replacements have arrived from Horizon, they are very unsightly, unkempt, dirty and are in total violation of the Uniform standard, will need to prepare discipline reports just in case, these men are nothing different from all the other shitbags I’ve dealt with before.
Lt. Lillithan Gomes – 4th Valkyrie Strike Brigade
Day 13: It’s been a week and these new guys have no idea how to do anything, they can’t file reports, they can’t use any of the Military Technology… let alone any science or medical skills to speak of, why headquarters sent 10 disgusting bozo’s to the station and I have no idea why and the way they look at us, it’s unnerving, like they just see us as animals ready for the slaughter. I’ve already taken note and am prepared to ship my next report to headquarters.

-One of them said he had a special cleaning solution for the water supply, least one of them are useful for something, he showed it to me and it was pretty salty smelling and quite sticky, I think the replacement for Doc had something similar, had a taste in his office, need to see if it’s the same
Day 20: Lt.Gomes Reporting in, the replacements have been quite helpful after the water problems had been sorted out, they stared to fix our leaks filling our holes with a white sticky substance, the thickness is what I love the most and the part where they started to use toys to stretch out our assholes. I’ve asked for an extra session, more to come later.
Lt. Lillithan Gomes – 4th Valkyrie Strike Brigade

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