This is no request, or a commission.
I know it’s a specific niche, that has it’s own fans. However I don’t understand it, I cannot relate it and  I don’t intend to step more further in it. With that said – I won’t draw hijabi stuff as it don’t go into the niche I work in.
Sometimes I browse imgur and I see photos that “calls” me to make something like this one. Anyways I’m putting in into “mavis’s renaissance”  as part of the impact it had on me.
The girl below is from the  Malaysia Civil Defence Force. These people has to deal with such kinds of problems on a regular basis – you got a venomous snake in your apartment – they come to take it out.
As we can see the girl below can handle huge snakes. Patrons of ANY tier are able to see another drawing of this girl as well.

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