This short comic was created a time ago when Kattlarv spoke to me and showed me this scene from animated flick featuring human MLP characters.

You should know that I am NOT a fan of MLP – and I will never be – I made this for the laughs.
The comic itself has some additional panels that I made a month or two after the original creation of this very same one – but differs in style with the original one for some reasons. Which reminds me to answer the questions from the poll that I made and got some responses from the survey some of you took.

1. Do you like my illustrations – Many thanks to all of you-you all picked “yes”.
2. Do you like comic strips I do  – this part of the survey was really crucial – since it was explaining to me what most of you find valuable in my works. Some of you choose the “no” option, but most of you clicked “yes”.
3. Which one do you prefer for me to work on – the most – The same guys who dislike the comics I do were more than clear that I should proceed with working on illustrations, but the majority of you were sure that I must proceed to work equally on both: the comics and the illustrations.
4. What Do you think am I /a woman or a man/ – This really cracked me a funny way.  Most of you think I’m a woman – probably because of the nickname I use – Mavis. Mavis is a female name for sure. But I can assure you that I’m 100% a dude.  I’m pretty sure that I’m heterosexual male – my wife who had 2 children from me can confirm, but we cannot be sure of that. Sometimes when I’m pissing her off she calls me “faggot” – but that’s very rarely.
Few of you choose the option that I’m probably a company of many artists with a master holding a whip. No, I’m not a company – I work alone.
I do all the stuff on my own. I’m pretty sure there are a couple of reasons for you to believe otherwise – like variety in style, and productivity I show.
Variety of style – for the illustrations I use one style / no lines, and work with airbrush tool in SAI/, while on the comics and caricatures/cartoons – I use lineart.
One of the ways to show you that I’m the MAN/male/ who stands behind all the illustrations is to make videos of how I make stuff. And you can help me with that if you start making comments on my site in here. I’m not a company – I work for no one, even back in the days there were some guys who tried to play “managers” of mine. It took them a while to understand that facts are different. I just blocked their asses and the same guys now are exploiting other talented guys – explaining to them how this will help them with the exposure and acknowledgment. Trust me guys – I know better.
5. What kind of type of content you wish for me to create the more? – the options were couple – and lets say 45% of you choose for me to draw original characters, while the majority choose the popular ones.