2019 was the time when I stopped officially to draw the original characters belonging to guys. These two were exploiting a very specific fetish, that I no longer wish to draw. I’m not going to upload all the versions of this very same drawing because that can be understood wrongly by some guys, who will come and will inquire about this thing. Still, I have nothing but respect for the patron who stayed and supported me for years, while in return I was drawing their thing.
At some point, I found that I cannot proceed with this anymore – and we parted ways. Again – thanks to the patron for their support ! 🙂

Note :   My “tools of trade” include illustrations, comics, and from recent times some crispy animations – I’ve noticed that the illustrations don’t get much of your attention than the comics – so in further times I’m planning to upload mostly comics. Of course, I will not stop doing illustrations – and probably from time to time I will update the site with a thing or two – but the majority of the works would be comics.
The illustrations that should come from the year 2020 I will upload on gumroad – as another way for the people who like my stuff to support me and my site.

I will place the note above under every update on this site until the submissions from 2019 are uploaded in full . That’ll be all 🙂

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