Until 2014 I never thought that having an original character of my own is something “original” or “cool”. I desperately wanted to get some recognition – especially on Hentai Foundry. I was having only 50 or 100 fans and zero interest. One day I came out with this character that had to act like “Attention Whore” – a point hunter character. For some weird reason people liked her. She had no name, no story  – nothing.  Imagine a poor, attention-seeking artist getting fans rapidly from 100 to the number you see on those illustrations for less than a month !
Anna came up as her name a little bit later . And yeah – instead of writing “whore” I decided to make up a space race named “horians”. But I’m pretty sure you already saw the comic featuring her  – it’s here on the site and it’s called “DEEP SPACE

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