Hello, people of the internet!
I’m presenting to you my recently started project – “Agent ViV”. A short story about the project: I’ve opened a reward where a single patron can create a story of their own, basically they come with dialogues, ideas, and everything, while I do only the art and put the dialogue they give me.
Agent V.I.V is a mixed character – in fact, it can be considered as an Original character, created by me, but the whole idea and scenario belong to one of my patrons: Blastlord. Viv is a master of disguise and seduction, an elite sniper and agent, a fatal woman.

The V.I.V is planned to be a series of a sequential couple of pages every month – strongly dependent on the patron’s support (means if the supporter decides to abandon their pledge, the series will not continue. I’m limited to draw 2 comic pages each month for these  two  patrons – since I do other works as well: requests for the other tiers and commissions that come in the meantime.  Anyhoo…
Blastlord integrates some certain fetishes into his stories, which might be of interest to some of you. Other projects I’ve done for him can be seen inside my patreon like “Pirate Story”, which has ongoing status and it’s based on characters from the game “Sea of Thieves” and series of illustrations built as comic strips – featuring mostly game characters (from the game Blastlord is playing: Star Wars Old Republic, RainbowSix, etc.

About “Agent V.I.V” – I can’t guarantee that I’ll show every page of this comic out, so I’m asking the guys who come and put my comics on forums like e-hentai with status “ongoing” is to hold themselves about this one. The reason for this is that I haven’t done any more pages yet, and the plans of patrons are often canceled for different reasons.

Off-topic: About “Nicholas The Bard” –  Since I’ve had a third patron for whom I was doing another thing, I had to put my work on Nicholas “on hold”. Unfortunately, the patron had to cancel their support for their own reasons, and now I should be able to have time again to re-boot my work on “The Bard”.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you liked it - consider becoming my patron